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Encapsulation Cleaning

Accuclean Indianapolis carpet cleaner s is a pioneer in the encapsulation method in the Indianapolis area. It is the perfect method for cleaning large areas of commercial carpet. We have full confidence and much experience in this radical and relatively new process. As an Indianapolis carpet cleaner, our abilities are enhanced by the most effective tools and chemistry available in this rapidly changing area of carpet cleaning. This method of carpet cleaning is becoming more and more popular in commercial carpet maintenance. It should be used as an interim maintenance method and should be followed periodically (every 2-3 cleanings) by a thorough hot water extraction.

Encapsulation fixes common commercial carpet cleaning problems. It eliminates recurring spill stains and wicking. The crystallizing polymer encapsulates soil so it can be extracted with routine vacuuming. There is no sticky residue so it can’t attract soil. What you’ll see is incredibly bright and clean carpet, day-in day-out. One of the biggest advantages of encap cleaning is the rapid drying time. It can be just a fraction of the drying time of steam cleaning. Accuclean Indianapolis carpet cleaner offers encapsulation cleaning. So be sure to ask about it if this method appeals to you and call and Indianapolis carpet cleaner office today!

Benefits of the Encapsulation Cleaning Process:

• 95% Less Water
• 30 Minute Dry-Time (In Most Cases)
• Adds Longevity to the Carpet Fibers
• Prolong the Overall Life of Your Carpet
• Lifts & Refreshes Your Carpet’s Pile
• Green Formulations
• No Wet & Soggy Carpets
• No 6 to 12 Hours of Dry-Time
• No Mold Growth